eMarketing Strategies

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Marketing is not just about telling people how good your business is. It's a subtle way of introducing yourself.

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Deliver your message in unique ways

Amaze your audience and make them impressed by a fantastic message delivery at the very end of each solutions.

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Analyze your statistics logically

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Things we look into

These following statistic channels are the most efficiency proven ones for helping analyst understand your business.


Sale Progress

Keep track of your sale progress concerning orders, revenues, customer base and profits in a regular basis.

Comparison Bars

Make remarkable comparison bars to keep up with the trends and keep your competitors at sight.

Proportional charts

Create proportional charts to learn the composite factors affecting sales, customers' preferences and trends.

Pricing Tables

Compare these prices, find your most suitable plan that fits with your budget and purposes.

Basic Plan

Per Month, AUD Inlc GST.
  • 5k Searchable messages
  • 10 custom Apps/services
  • Minimum 3 users, max 10 users
  • 1 Voice and video call

Advanced Plan

Per Month, AUD Inlc GST.
  • 10k Searchable messages
  • 15 custom Apps/services
  • Minimum 3 users, max 5 users
  • 3 Voice and video call

Professional Plan

Per Month, AUD Inlc GST.
  • 15k Searchable messages
  • 20 custom Apps/services
  • Unlimited users
  • 5 Voice and video call


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